Guts and Nuts and Bolts

Spoiler alert: we have been living with the new, completed bathroom for several months now. It is transcendent, resplendent.

But when I left off we were putting in the plumbing. We decided to put the thermostat and on/off valve on the wall opposite the showerhead. That way, you can open the door and turn on the shower without having to get wet. Nice, right?

This is what the plumbing looks like in order to achieve this effect.


And there’s a good reason for that. Here’s what it looked like when it was finished out with HardieBacker.


And that turned into this:



So at this point we just had to (in this order) lay the pennyround tile installed, install the subway tile for the shower walls, grout it all, paint, put in the pedestal sink and toilet, install the hand shower and sink faucet, put the moldings back, install the medicine cabinet, hang the fixtures, and seal the tile. And call the glass shower door guys to come out and measure so they could deliver and install our new shower door a few weeks later. Enough already, though.

Here’s the pennyround tile going in, and that’s the last progress shot I’ll post, since everything else went completely smoothly and as planned.


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